Thursday, May 6, 2021

A #DigiByte Core in the most unlikely places


As you know I get a kick out of putting #DigiByte Core wallets on anything I can find that has a useable chipset.

Most of the mini-servers that I put out there are running some form of CentOS Linux. I usually provision these miniature task servers with a decent amount of memory  and plenty of file space.

These little workhorses are "fanless" and they can tolerate quite a bit of heat. 

 This cute little iPBX to the right of my phones can run up to 8 office phones including robust IVR menus, voicemail to email integration, video conferencing, VastraMEDIA business to business calling, mobile extensions, and presence detection.

I put internet where internet does not belong

Here's the deal. That same Mini-Linux server can run #DigiByte transactions. There's more that enough room to add one of these mighty hash crunchers to my remote solar powered internet relay stations.



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