Monday, November 26, 2018

Vastra.RE Phoneless iPBX for Real Estate

Pure App Agent iPBX

Here's how it works!
Out of the box, it is configured for 24 extensions, a complete voice mail system with email integration, two automated attendant menus, Comcast - Xfinity SIP ready, or  any VoIP telephone line service, free cell phone app, direct connect to BAREIS / Rappattoni, and one year warranty.

There are no phones to purchase. Simply install the free app on your iPhone or Android, set up the account, and boom! You are ready to go! Then you can take your office extension on the road.  Great for being highly available during open house.  If you prefer not to "self install" we are available to provide complete installation at a discount.

Vastra.RE is offered by Bennett Valley Telecom for only $1,695 until the end of the year 2018.

(No cloud hosting fees. System requires a stable internet service, must have SIP/VoIP line services such as Comcast or Sonic, and must have WiFi in the office) #RealEstate in the #WineCountry

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