Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hosted ~ Cloud ~ Virtual PBX ~ VoIP

Hosted ~ Cloud ~ Virtual PBX ~ VoIP Through Bennett Valley Telecom

Now that Bennett Valley Telecom is a RingCentral Reseller Agent the question is being asked, “what's the difference between ordering from RingCentral direct versus ordering RingCentral through Bennett Valley Telecom?” The answer is well... nothing. Actually there are some small but important differences. It is no secret that RingCentral provides an incredible service and is enhancing there offerings by the week. They have a customer service group that is unmatched. But that is not the question. The question is, “what are the conveniences with ordering RingCentral through Bennett Valley Telecom?"

  • Bennett Valley Telecom can coordinate the rerouting of your company telephone numbers and fax numbers to RingCentral telephone system.
  • Bennett Valley Telecom can configure your network routers to communicate with the RingCentral host.
  • Bennett Valley Telecom can optimize your network for best telecommunications performance.
  • Bennett Valley Telecom will assist in customizing your application including setting up automated attendant for after-hours call handling, and configuring your customer service routing just to name a few.
  • Bennett Valley Telecom will assist you in setting up your Android / DROID  and iPhone  Smartphone app for your office-on-the-go.
  • Bennett Valley Telecom will provide user training and ongoing support.
  • Bennett Valley Telecom provides a real person at your site, in your sight.
Oh and one other small detail: By ordering RingCentral through Bennett Valley Telecom, you are supporting a local small business and neighbor right here in the North Bay.

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