Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I know most of you already know this but here it goes:

When setting up an automated attendant it is important that the caller's experience is most important. So what do we do? We set the system up so that if the caller does not make a choice from the menu the system will at least send them to an operator. But here's the catch; If it is night time (after biz hours) the system allows the caller to drop to the general delivery mail box and leave a message. No problem, right? Well here's what old age will get you. After the caller leaves a message in the general / operator box the caller drops to a routing box that allows them more selections including going to the spelling directory, dialing an extension, OR for their convenience, wait to leave a message in the general / operator mail box if nothing is dialed. Do see where this is going? If the outside lines are not AT&T and are on an integrated device, there is no phone company disconnect signal. And so it goes.... round and round and round. “You have 200 messages”

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