St. Rose Community Santa Rosa

Hello 8th Street Neighbors!
You may have noticed a WiFi broadcasting the name "go2"

Here is what it isn't: It is not yet free internet for 8th Street, but I'm hoping to make a carrier deal that will allow me to share my internet pipeline with all of you (if you want, of course)

Here is what it is: It is a community intercom server that can reach beyond 8th and "A" Street. You will simply download the free Grandstream Wave [Video] App and enter a few set up items and you're on! The key is to let your fellow neighbors know what your extension number is. Mine is extension 104. I have friends and family in other parts of town on the system too!

Why am I doing this? At my office [Bennett Valley Telecom] I am developing a huge system that is quite similar but provides enterprise grade services.

NOTE: This is a community intercom system only. You can not make outside telephone calls! However if the downtown Santa Rosa area businesses get on it.... well I guess that would be like an outside call. :-D

Remember. This is not perfect ...but it will be ;-)

Call me at the office at 707-573-7272 and I'll set you up!

Could be fun!

P.S. Did I mention everybody will have a free video voice mail? ;-)

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