Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Everybody a Small Business

W9/1099 Micro Business

The economy and economic growth is a state of mind and is dictated the human condition. I propose we make a bold move to create an environment  that allows for a drastic reduction in tax liability when a W9/1099 Micro Business environment is employed.  Let's pick an arbitrary figure like 13% of net income. If the unemployed knew that they could perform "odd jobs" or provide a product or service with in the scope of their skills, and not feel compelled to sneak around working under the table, while getting the full blessing of the federal government, don't you think Micro Businesses would be popping up everywhere? Let's take it a step further. If you work as a Micro Business, the W9/1099 environment affords you a softening of some of the costly permits and regulations. Yes. The government can sponsor your state licenses and permits.

It not only creates an enhanced tax revenue stream in place of government assistance but it also addresses the human condition that includes pride of ownership, dignity, and low tax income. It also breaks the unhealthy codependent relationship with the government and converts the relationship to an alliance.

You will lose your W9/1099 Micro Business benefit if you are found to be dishonest or criminal.


Thursday, May 23, 2013


Phone Systems Santa Rosa
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Monday, May 13, 2013

What is this? ;-)

Quick! What is this?
Is it something required in your diet everyday?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hosted ~ Cloud ~ Virtual PBX ~ VoIP

Hosted ~ Cloud ~ Virtual PBX ~ VoIP Through Bennett Valley Telecom

Now that Bennett Valley Telecom is a RingCentral Reseller Agent the question is being asked, “what's the difference between ordering from RingCentral direct versus ordering RingCentral through Bennett Valley Telecom?” The answer is well... nothing. Actually there are some small but important differences. It is no secret that RingCentral provides an incredible service and is enhancing there offerings by the week. They have a customer service group that is unmatched. But that is not the question. The question is, “what are the conveniences with ordering RingCentral through Bennett Valley Telecom?"

  • Bennett Valley Telecom can coordinate the rerouting of your company telephone numbers and fax numbers to RingCentral telephone system.
  • Bennett Valley Telecom can configure your network routers to communicate with the RingCentral host.
  • Bennett Valley Telecom can optimize your network for best telecommunications performance.
  • Bennett Valley Telecom will assist in customizing your application including setting up automated attendant for after-hours call handling, and configuring your customer service routing just to name a few.
  • Bennett Valley Telecom will assist you in setting up your Android / DROID  and iPhone  Smartphone app for your office-on-the-go.
  • Bennett Valley Telecom will provide user training and ongoing support.
  • Bennett Valley Telecom provides a real person at your site, in your sight.
Oh and one other small detail: By ordering RingCentral through Bennett Valley Telecom, you are supporting a local small business and neighbor right here in the North Bay.

Call Me Now About RingCentral Santa Rosa and all of Sonoma County 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Call Before You Do it

So this weekend my phone died. LG Connect® I think it is a firmware issue. So a day later I head to the MetroPCS on Santa Rosa Ave. They are awesome, helpful, cheerful and above all knowledgeable. The the young man dances his thumbs across my screen at lightning speed. He says, “weird”. I responded, “you're seeing it too?” How can I get 4G full speed but yet show no bars, cannot text, and cannot make phone calls? Email works, calendar syncs, web browsing works, and even Google Voice works. So he said he'd replace it at no charge (except that $15 transfer fee).

I asked about when can I expect my new one? He replied “about 3 to 5 business days”. They said they would call my son Shayne when it is in. So I excluded MLK day and came up with Thursday or Friday. Today and yesterday I tried to endure without my phone, calling into voice mail like every 5 minutes. Out of desperation I thought it'd be a neat idea to stop at the MetroPCS store and see if it came in. The very nice folks played along and thumbed through pages and click-ity-clicked on the computer. They said, “no Mr. Brown, I'm really sorry it doesn't look like it will be here till Monday.

So I whip out my old, dirty Samsung with the “touch” screen that requires that you practically have to drag your elbow across it to get it to respond. I dial the magic code *228, the activation/transfer code. A nice lady comes on and does everything remotely (even identifies the make, model, and color of my Samsung) Boom! It's done. As I relearn the old user culture from year ago, I start texting and calling people back.

I'm feeling darned good like I defeated fate. Ah that trusty old Samsung. Love ya. Then... Oh look! My son is calling. How in the HECK do I answer? Swerving and cursing I push button after button. FINALLY! “Hello?” Son: Hey dad. MetroPCS just called, your phone is there. Oh for the love of Pete! Back I go with my trusty Samsung and my struggling LG Connect®. “Welcome back, Brian” my customer service representative, smiling with tongue in cheek. So he begins the process of transferring the services to the new replacement LG. He's ready start the phone programming and says, “that'll be $18 please”. I think to myself “hmm not bad” I reach for my wallet and... uh oh... It's gone! With my finger up I say, “wait right there, I'll be back” I ran out the door leaving the old phone behind while clutching that ol' trusty Samsung. When I realize I don't have my wallet in the car, I start to speed towards home. Thinking it would make sense to call ahead I dial vigorously and press that old Samsung against my ear. Three musical notes and an announcement, “this phone is not authorized to make calls. Please call your MetroPCS representative for assistance” The diligent MetroPCS representative had already ported over the number and I'm back where I began. No phone. Needless to say I recovered my wallet and returned to pay the transfer fee. All is well. I have my new replacement phone! Sigh.

In a nutshell: 35 miles, two and a half hours, and one unnecessary transfer fee.

But you know what? I've got my cool phone back!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

An Inexpensive Way to Start Your Own Call Center

Did you know you can create a CALL CENTER system with no expensive office space, no expensive telephone system, and very little setup time? You can start selling your product or service with an extremely professional image.

All you need is a decent internet connection and a little help from me and you'll be ready to launch your new call center.

What's more? You can enlist as many call-takers as you need to fulfill your volume. And they can be anywhere that has good internet service. Looks like the office is going to be a thing of the past.

Call me today at 707-573-7272. We can help.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I know most of you already know this but here it goes:

When setting up an automated attendant it is important that the caller's experience is most important. So what do we do? We set the system up so that if the caller does not make a choice from the menu the system will at least send them to an operator. But here's the catch; If it is night time (after biz hours) the system allows the caller to drop to the general delivery mail box and leave a message. No problem, right? Well here's what old age will get you. After the caller leaves a message in the general / operator box the caller drops to a routing box that allows them more selections including going to the spelling directory, dialing an extension, OR for their convenience, wait to leave a message in the general / operator mail box if nothing is dialed. Do see where this is going? If the outside lines are not AT&T and are on an integrated device, there is no phone company disconnect signal. And so it goes.... round and round and round. “You have 200 messages”